By: Dominic Nair – CEO

Resolution 1: Have an attitude of gratitude.

The only certainty in life is that one day it comes to a grinding halt. Our companies provide us with a vehicle to continue our legacy. So, don’t coast through life and work, carrying around negative energy like the walking dead. Instead, take every opportunity to share a little piece of positive energy with those you meet. Let this be a catalyst for a positive energy movement within your company, which makes life at work just that little sweeter and every experience just that little more memorable. Start by being thankful to your peers and employees and for what every new day brings.

Resolution 2: Embrace Failure and Banish Fear.

Life without failure – is life without success. Therefore, an organisation that does not embrace failure, and the learnings that come with this process, is an organisation destined for extinction. What surprises me every day as I speak with leaders and managers holding responsible roles, is that so many of them are averse to even the thought of doing something new or different – for the fear of what failure represents to them in their business. It is up to you as business leaders and HR professionals to change this perception. All failure is, is what we make it to be in our mind. Nothing more. So, for 2019, make a business resolution to embrace failure within your teams, to integrate learning into your design process, and to acknowledge that it is fine, to step up and try again.

As Forbes aptly puts this. “Make it good enough, ship it, improve it based on market feedback, rinse and repeat.”

This positive approach to failure will keep your business moving forward, engage your people to seek out improvements, help you to attain solutions much faster because of the snowball effect of iterative learning, and is the secret ingredient to building resilient, agile and successful organisations.

 Resolution 3: Let your word be your bond.

We run our businesses, deliver products and services, make promises to our customers and expect our people to deliver on these promises, day in and day out, on our behalf. How many of us, on reflection, actually and truly deliver on our promises we make to our employees? Is there a different set of rules and a code for those who work for us and those we serve? How much easier and more fulfilling an existence can we have if we only had one set of rules and a code that governs who we are, what we do, and how we act.  Start small, let your word be your bond. Earn your employees respect and you will gain theirs. Show them that your actions are always guided with integrity and they will live your company values without question.


More about the Author

Dominic Nair, CEO of Talent Multipliers is a people and culture strategist who partners with CEOs and business leaders of SMEs to grow and transform their organisation’s human capital and deliver tangible business results.

After 25 years of experience and holding executive leadership positions across multiple industries in both private and public sector, Dominic knows what truly drives engagement and organisational performance. It is how well an organisation can harness individual potential and drive massive action needed to create desired outcomes.

Over his career, Dominic has developed and led successful people solutions and strategies across 50 organisations in international markets covering small, medium and large businesses. In addition to his extensive experience across HR, compensation and benefits, executive reward, leadership development and M&A, Dominic is also a trained business and executive leadership coach.

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