Challenge Approach  Benefit
Compensation and Benefits Finding it difficult to attract and retain talent or are you losing trained and experienced talent on the account of compensation. At Talent Multipliers we help companies implement a compensation strategy, grading structure and pay policies that competitively position their business to attract, grow and retain talent. Our approach is tailored around your specific needs whether this is internal pay parity, affordability, total reward competitive All our solutions are outcome focused. We deliver all our solutions within budget and create structures that provide you with scalability and sustainability. We have even delivered structures at a zero cost-impact to existing payroll. Our solutions are designed to support your employment brand and drive engagement.
Employee Engagement Is mediocrity creeping into your culture? Are you noticing increased communication challenges and falling customer and employee engagement? Or perhaps you are noticing your employees have a general lack of passion and drive when it comes to their work? These are classic symptoms of a misaligned and disengaged culture. At Talent Multipliers, we help companies reconnect with their identity and culture and create alignment of values and behaviours across their business. We enable systems, tools and programs that track, monitor and positively shift the employee engagement experience, thus changing the culture and outcomes. Highly engaged companies achieve 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, 38% above average productivity, 90% improvement in turnover and 71% of employees know what the customer wants.
Leadership Development and Coaching Is development a priority but you just don’t have the internal resources to manage this, or the budget? Do you find there is a growing gap in competency, capability and output across your leadership team? Are you having to spread yourself thin – just to ensure basic service and operational requirements are met? Or are you finding yourself increasing reliant on specific individuals? At Talent Multipliers we develop competency frameworks and structured programs to address your specific leadership challenges. We are outcome focused and we help our clients develop solutions based on available resources. We provide one to one coaching and prioritise development based on business outcomes and individual needs. Our solutions build stronger, more resilient, adaptable and cohesive leadership teams with complimentary skills. Strong leadership foundations make way for enhanced teamwork, improved innovation and decision making and create a multiplier effect on value add.
Executive Recruitment When it comes to management and leadership recruitment, do you have a revolving front door? Unlike most recruiters, we spend time to understand your business, operations, leadership dynamics and organisation culture as this plays a significant role in finding and selecting the right candidate. At Talent Multipliers we use a variety of selection tools including behavioural interviews, social and professional reference checks, assessment centres, psychometrics, security and medical checks to ensure we minimise your risk. We also provide our clients replacement guarantees and other value-add schemes. Significant reduction in recruitment costs. Higher retention, engagement and value-add. Multiplier effect throughout the business. Through our partnership you are also an integral part of our charitable community reach programs.
Performance Management Are your employees surprised when they received their annual performance review? Is there a mismatch between business performance and individual rating distribution? Is your system bulky and time consuming or are your managers adequately trained in providing feedback? At Talent Multipliers we develop performance management systems and competency frameworks aligned with your strategy and business outcomes. We partner with you to develop relevant measures and create organisational awareness campaigns and effectively coach and train your leaders in how to set targets, select measures, provide and receive feedback and manage and coach performance to achieve desired outcomes. Our systems and policies are designed to facilitate open and transparent communication. They provide alignment across your business and are built to reinforce your values and prioritise efforts around key result areas and specific individual development.