Welcome to 2019 

Adding value to our partners and clients is why we exist! With small and medium businesses contributing over 70% of the economy, it is disappointing that only 1 in 5 of these companies survive to see YEAR 5. At Talent Multipliers, our objective is to positively support economic growth by helping SME’s build stronger HR foundations, build capability and capacity for growth, drive change and transformation and build robust and resilient employment brands. We support this by always seeking to drive added value in terms of service, quality, innovation, learning and price.

Don’t miss out on our limited offer for JAN and FEB.

With 20% off on t1&2 Executive Search, this is a great opportunity for SME’s to build and grow their executive / management  talent pool with exceptional, high performing and culturally aligned individuals.

For business leaders who find themselves at a fork in the road, our complimentary coaching sessions will help you develop fresh perspectives and creative ideas to overcome existing challenges and grow your business.

Our complimentary Human Resources risk review is targeted at businesses with significant internal challenges, engagement issues and those seeking to grow and engage in M&A. Our experienced, independent, honest and holistic assessment will help you minimise your exposure to business and people risk and highlight solutions to drive engagement and performance.

As an outcome focused provider we seek certainty of end results and work on a flat fee basis to remove ambiguity and minimise your risk. To find out more about talent multipliers or  how to avail of our special offers, email Dominic.nair@tmultipliers.com.au or call on 04 26191425

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